Grid Mop Frame of Structural Plastic With Connector Promo

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Product Overview

Grid Mop Frame of Structural Plastic With Connector is the Modern Mopping method. Ribbed design keeps mop flat to the floor surface and acts as beater when shaking out mop. Most quiet mopping available. A superior substitute for Standard Wire Dust mop Frame. This All Plastic design makes this plastic mop frame for use in Healthcare facilities and other Institutions. Mop Grid Frame of Structural Plastic reduces potential for making weapons, so preferred for use in Correctional Institutions and Prisons. The frame as shown in the picture requires a 155 connector /connector-for-plastic-flat-grid-mop-frame/ to attach a handle to the frame which comes with each of these frames. 

dripping-clock.jpg     Minimum order 6 Same Size Frames while at this Sale Price.

Recommended handles are: Rigid Aluminum Handle, the aluminum handle w/ ACME threaded tip--all on this website. floor-care/commercial-aluminum-mop-handles-with-abs-plastic-grip/

Frames are also available separately.



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