Hand Cleaner Spray w 80% Alcohol and Soothing Glycerin, 2 Each

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Product Description

Be safe after leaving a shop or store. Here is a Hand Cleaner Spray with a trigger sprayer that can be used on hard surfaces, hands, pens, credit cards, bags and any other surface exposed to virus'. Contains 80% Ethynol to kill virus' bacteria and germs as well as Glycerin to keep skin soft and smooth. Get two 12 ounce bottles with Trigger Sprayer included. 

contains 80% quick drying ALCOHOL and Glycerin to protect your hands - no greasy residue. 

 This Cleaner is 80% Ethanol AlcoholMeets and exceeds the World Health Organizations (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) standards of 60% alcohol. 

  • The easy to use trigger sprayer is NOTMESSY to us. It is Perfect for home use, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, Medical facilities, office, & schools.
  • WeMake and bottle our Hand Cleaner from productsMade in the United States. 
  • Expiration is 24Months from purchase date as we bottle to order.
  • We are ship directly from our warehouse to your door, noMiddleMen. 

 Each bottle contains 12 ounces of Hand Cleaner with Glycerin to protect and non dry out your hands. ItMay also be sprayed on hard surfaces in order to sanitize your environment!