Ear Savers face mask holder, mask support 6pc

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8-ES Masks
1.00 LBS
1.00 (in)
1.00 (in)
1.00 (in)

Product Description

Ear savers: soft silicone face mask extender straps / mask holders.
Designed for people who wear masks for long periods of time and don't like the straps pulling on the back of their ears, ear savers do what the name suggests. Soft, flexible, comfortable and adjustable, ear savers release pressure on your ears while pulling your mask onto your face for a more secure fit. They are suited for all types of masks that have ear straps, and can also be used as mask holders when you want to take your mask off your face while keeping it ready around your neck.
*Adjustable fit for various head sizes; suitable for adults or children,
Compatible with any ear loop mask

*Sturdy, durable, lightweight, tear-resistant, flexible, waterproof, safe to disinfect
*Convert ear loop face masks into headband face masks
Thin material will not interfere with face shield or goggle use

*Comfortable, pliable material conforms to head without pressing or pressure
*Reusable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic