3pc Mask FFP2 Nano N95 Respirator RespiPro Carbon

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Product Description

Choose Black or White 3 Pack of RespiPro Carbon - Odor neutralizing anti-viral FFP2 / N95 nano respirator
RespiPro Carbon is ideal for medical staff, frontline workers, rescue workers, police officers and all those in need of serious antiviral protection. This multipurpose respirator can be used in ordinary situations too. Top quality nanofibers protect the wearer from harmful pathogens and odors, while retaining easy breathability. 

  • RespiPro Carbon blocks out 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, smog, dust, pollen, and other pathogens and it also eliminates odors.

  • RespiPro Carbon is a certified NR FFP2 respirator. It also fulfills the EN 149:2001+A1:2009, GB2626/2006, and KN95 standards.

  • Its unique ergonomic shape fits every face perfectly. A bendable nose clip ensures that no air seeps in around the respirator.

  • The respirator is held in its place by two ear loops

The RespiPro Carbon is ideal for front-line workers and professionals such as medical staff, rescue men, firefighters, military, and the police; all those who sometimes have to work in long shifts and do want to have to keep changing out their masks designed to be worn for long shifts; up to 24 hours at a time. It has an adjustable nose clip and the ear loops can be hooked together at the back of your head with the plastic buckle that comes with the respirator. If you use RespiPro Carbon® as protection from viruses or bacteria during the Covid-19 pandemic or in a flu epidemic, epidemiologists always recommend using a new mask after each removal of the previous one from your face to prevent re-contamination. This is true for all fiber-based masks, not just RESPILON® masks

How does an antiviral face mask work?
Each respirator houses a RESPILON® Nanofiber membrane; an extremely dense network of strong fibers which can stop even the smallest solid and liquid particles. There is also an additional activated carbon membrane which filters out odors. Dust, mold, smog, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mites, allergens and odors can’t penetrate the pores in the membranes, keeping you protected.

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