Silken N95 Replacement Mask Filter 10 Pk

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Product Description

Individually wrapped Silken N95 filter replacements for your REUSABLE Silken N95 (SKU#MK N95)soft silicone respirator mask. Reusable N95 Silicon Medical Grade Face Mask.
This PM2.5 four-ply filter includes a non-woven layer, a HEPA filter, an electrostatic cotton filter and a sterilized paper filter.  HEPA filters out the finest particles, and the unique fluffy structure of electrostatic cotton provides improved dust and particle retention, plus decreased ventilation resistance. Combined, these 4 layers give you N95-level protection. 
It’s easy to replace the filter; no tools or screws needed. 
Sold in 10-pack zip bags, with each filter inside individually wrapped.
This product is CE, ROHS and TuV certified, and also FDA approved. 

Unlike a N95 respirator mask which is considered contaminated after each use (regardless of length of wear), the Silken N95 mask can be worn for a period of time and then reused without loss of filtering strength. Based on testing results, the recommended time of use per filter is a total of 91.3 hours. After that there will be a gradual  decrease in efficacy. The filter can technically be washed in warm soapy water, but it is not recommended due to both risk of user contamination and the gradual loss of efficacy that will come with each washing.

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