Sleeves For T-Bar Handles

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Microfiber Sleeves for T Bar Handles Available in 3 styles, these Washer Sleeves are designed for the correct water retention and nap to clean windows withMinimal effort.  Reinforced ends and inside loop. Intended for use with either Plastic or Aluminum T-Bars.

Choose 10", 14" 18" or 22" length.  

BlueMicrofiber Washer Sleeve isMade of 100% PolyesterMicrofiber nap, height 5/8". The coarse yarn acts as an abrasive, while the finer yarn degreases and absorbs. This combination of fibers provides a fabric with exceptional high cleaning power. Washable 1000's of times.

White Woven Sleeve is poly-acrylic and designed for water retention & durability.

Blue Scrub Strip with White Woven Sleeve - Woven poly-acrylic on one side and a non-abrasive "Scrub" strip sewn on the other side.

All areMachine washable.Minimum Order: 2 same size Sleeves per order.

Compare to Pulex no. PXV91025 or Unger no. RS250