Window Squeegee Combo Wash and Dry Tool with Replacement Rubber

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Product Overview

Combo Wash and Dry Squeegee Tool has a sharp edged rubber blade and aluminum channel. The Sleeve is made of microfiber; great for cleaning and durable washablility! Receive 1 FREE Squeegee Rubber Replacement Blade (2 Free per Order)

Choose from 3 squeegee lengths: 10", 14", and 18". 

FAST : the Wash&Dry Squeegee Duo to cuts your cleaning time in half when using poles, and eliminates the need to change between cleaning and drying tools;

ERGONOMIC: Comfortable handle for a safe, non-slip grip;SAFE : Utilize telescopic pole on this website to Avoid Ladder Accidents,

 7052-windowpolewithhandle-60607.1393889238.jpg Window Pole with Handle

PRACTICAL : two tools in one; DURABLE : made of tough, impact resistant ABS



(No reviews yet) Write a Review